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Aerial Classes


Introduction to Aerial Silks

Prerequisites: None

Take your first steps into the aerial world by joining the introduction to aerial silks class. This class is dedicated to helping you build a solid foundation of aerial skills and knowledge. We focus on the fundamentals of aerial movement and the basics of controlling the fabrics. Come train with us and explore a fun and unique way to build strength and tone your entire body.


Aerial Silks Level Classes

Prerequisites: Introduction class

Our level classes are divided into 5 levels. The levels are comprised of our exclusive and unique curriculum which will help you build strength, confidence, and skill all while having an awesome time.


In the first 3 levels, you will learn different variations of climbing the fabrics, basic drops, and the transitions that tie it all together in both the sling and straight silks.


Level 4 will take you to the sky with your first exclusively straight silks level, learning dynamic and static poses as well as drops. 


Inversions and Climbing: Can you not quite take it to the sky yet? These fundamental skills in ground and aerial inversions will give you the strength to get there. As well as inversions, you will learn many different climbing styles!


Performance Development: Our newest class! By this point you have learned many moves and sequences, but what is it like to create your own? Using music and creativity, this class takes all of the skills you have developed and challenges you to apply it to performing! 


Open Level Aerial Silks Classes

Prerequisites: Introduction class

This class is open to students of all levels. Whether you could not make it to the level class for the week or simply want an additional class, each student will be taught to their individual level. 


Open Practice

Prerequisites: Introduction class

Our open practice are supervised times that allow students to practice the poses and sequences they have learned during our other classes. Practice is essential to becoming an experienced aerialist…and, we offer an open practice every day we have classes! This is also a great time to get in some conditioning and endurance training. Be sure to drop in to check it out!


Note: ALL classes and practices, including Open Levels Classes DO require a previous introduction class!

Class Rates and Packages


Intro Class Drop-in Rate: $15

Class Drop-in Rate: $25

Practice Drop-in Rate: $20


Starter Pack: $65 (new clients only) Expires 30 days from first use

Includes Intro class, 2 Level 1 classes, and 2 Open Practices


Class Package: $95 Expires 30 days from date of first use

Includes 4 Silks Classes


Practice Package: $55 Expires 30 days from date of first use

Includes 4 Silks Practices


Aerialist Package: $180 Expires 90 days from date of first use

Includes 5 Silks Classes & 5 Open Practices


Private Instruction: 1 hr. @ $40


Where to Find Us

Escalade Aerials
3694 Kennesaw S Industrial Pkwy NW
Kennesaw, GA 30144


Mon-Fri  2pm-10pm

Sat        11am-10pm

Sun       12pm-6pm

Phone: +1 770-794-1575



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Weekly Class Schedule


Please register online to guarantee a position in the class or  practice! Empty classes or practices will be cancelled 1 hour before scheduled start time.


If you are signed up for a class/practice, you must either show up or be sure to cancel at least an hour beforehand.


You WILL be charged if your name is in our class calendar at the start of class!


Please be familair with our dress code before coming to your class! Click here for a link to the dress code.


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